About This Organization


St. Louis Area Iraq War Veterans was created to provide support, and free services for spouses, families, and soldiers currently deployed as well as Operation Iraqi Freedom Veterans, Global War on Terror Veterans, Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans, active military personnel and family members related to pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment issues, as well as service member and family deployment readiness problems, information about PTSD, Health issues and Veterans Benefits. We have links to information about Veterans Administration health care, readjustment after deployment, education, employment, military discounts, PTSD issues, support-chat forums, family support and deploymentinformation for those in the St. Louis and southern Illinois area, including resources and support for low-cost to free counseling services for veterans and their families.

Our purpose is to come to the aid of spouses, families, and soldiers who have been exposed to traumatic experiences and who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after serving in military hazard zones and provide whatever assistance is necessary to re-enter and adjust back to civilian life.

Contact us: stlouisiraqwarvets[at]yahoo.com. If you want information, stories, questions, tips, a link to your blog, whatever you think needs to be posted e-mail it to us.

This organization developed by Jason Glover, of the “St. Louis Area Iraq War Veterans”(SIWV) group who, during 2003-2004, served in the 203rd Engineering Battalion of the United States Army in Baghdad with the 1st Armored Division and 2nd Calvary Division; and Anthony Bradley, also from SIWV, who is not an Iraq War veteran but wants to honor those who are.

2LT Brad Edwards joined the organization in April of 2007 as managing editor. Brad graduated from Truman State University with a B.S. in Justice Systems and a commission as 2LT in the Missouri National Guard Military Police Corps, where he now serves as Platoon Leader, 2nd Platoon, 1175th MP CO.

Contact us at 314-489-7703.

Join the St. Louis Area Iraq Veterans Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stllouisiraqwarvets

St. Louis Area Iraq War Veterans, Inc. found on January 19, 2007 as a nonprofit organization and is entitled to all rights and privileges grant corporations organized under the Missouri Nonprofit Corporation Law.


33 Responses to “About This Organization”

  1. Hey bubba–this site looks awesome! I’m so proud of you. It’s a neat thing when you can use your own pain to help others. I love you!

  2. Good stuff guys. It’s good to see you are having great success in drawing attention to these issues, as well as helping those affected at the same time.

  3. I am not an Iraq Era War Veteran. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran. I have just called and left a voice mail message concerning my inquiry, however I wanted to make certain we connected on this issue.
    Veterans returning home from abroad come back to rural communities at times. Isolated, and perhaps disabled, those men and women may still want to be a part of various campaigns.
    To supplement your organizations ability, I would like to discuss the creation of a partnership that would provide resource information on your website, at no cost to this non-profit org.
    Adopt-A-Mindfield Program of the United Nations Association of Greater St. Louis has the potential for becoming a link between
    experienced and disabled military personnel with the public and companies in community responsibility.
    Participants would go online and educate other Americans on global efforts being made in the Adopt-A-Mindfield campaign.
    Christopher West
    Executive Director
    United Nations Association of Greater St. Louis
    World Community Center
    438 N. Skinker Boulevard
    St. Louis, MO 63130
    (314) 727-2949

  4. I think it’s great to educate others on the reality of what is happening to some of us upon our return home. I speak of my own opinion and experience. Please check out the CBS2 Palm Springs, and under site search, “Helping Veterans Who End Up Behind Bars”.
    It’s a little bit of my story and I want you all to know there’s hope.

    Former Specialist,
    Joshua C. Harmon

  5. How many vistims in 11 September Tragedy?? How many victims in Iraq war?? Do you all have calculated that? Bush a cruel big liar, more cruel from attacker of 11 september. All of you just victims from stupid dicision about Iraq war, dou you all realizing that?? Iraq war not war fight against terror, but vengeance war. Vengeance war from senior bush to junior bush not other…think that

  6. i whant to join the army and surve for my cuntry


  8. i wanted to join the army and fight for my country

  9. i wish yall guys luck and good hunting

  10. REAL Guys will underspend ET !
    Love Baby!

  11. why cant there be peace in this country…

  12. thanks to usa army coz you are relzimg my country unders rjem saddam and eavery rejems hope ur succesfull more to eavery pleace and eavery country if need amaican army. im iraqi people and i hope the will coming day i will going to amarica and i starting my new life at there thist is my best dreams hope i will get to a truth on my fiuter

  13. yea,you suck

  14. i think that we should pull our troops out and just bomb iraq and that little part of land that our troops are on….man i hope that the guys in iraq not beat but demolish al-queida and those other taliban guys….im not sayin war is a good thing but if we keep this war going then we are gunna go bankrupt and then other forces could come in take the US…. think about it….no wonder this war is taking a while because the US is fighting??? like in WW2 we were fighting nazi axis power…. in veitnam we were fighting the veitnamese or somethinglike that we could tell who the enemy was…but in iraq and all that who is the enemey??? they blend in so its hard to just ask questions then shoot…. so please anyone lets discuss this matter and maybe we could end this war

  15. you guys be careful over there and we appreciate you fighting for us

  16. There is no peace without war.

    Respect from Georgia.

  17. stop war you guys are dieing and you don’t get it i was in the war and i got a injury in my left leg.

  18. Ignore the comments from any of the fools on here.
    You guys are doing a good job and have my respect.
    I wish I could be there along side you guys but the gov considers me to be a second class citizen because I’m a convicted felon with asthma.
    Remember, war is hell but a world full of hippies is worse.

  19. Can anyone on here speak correctly.
    I have never come across a larger collection of bad grammar in all my life.
    I almost feel dumber just reading some of these posts.
    Buncha methed out morons who cant spell posting on here.
    Half of them are so poorly written, I cant even tell what their trying to say.

  20. very good..
    peace in your hand..!

  21. nice jobs..godbless

  22. All the people on this page who say that we should not be there, and we should not be sticking our noses in business that does not affect us, shut the hell up.. these brave men and women are fighting for OUR civil liberties and freedom, if there was no army, marines, navy, coast gaurd, or air force America would be a very sad place, we would have oil barrons living it up in Malibu and terrorists safely walking around our streets, Luckily I own lots of guns and if this ever did happen I would use them.. 🙂

    Keep fighting, god bless every single solidger.

  23. All the men and women in the war zone, are all so brave. You guys are there so that all of us can be free. Big Thank You and look after each other…Take Care. xoxoxoxoxox

  24. Can I use some of your photos for a docuthesis documentary please the site is http://www.docuthesis.com Thanks so much! Please contact me

  25. Saint Louis University is currently conducting a brain imaging study on traumatic brain injury that is funded by the Department of Defense. We are recruiting military veterans with traumatic brain injuries to participate in this 2-day study. The hope is the results of the study will validate tools for the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries.

    If you would like more information, please contact our research team at (314)977-8560.

    Check our our website at http://www.slu.edu/tbi

  26. I tried to e-mail the address located at the top of the page for some info and it would not work. I am trying to get some info about your organization, is there a better way to contact someone?

  27. I need help understand ptsd my boyfriend is Iraq vet with ptsd and TBI.

  28. This really is the fourth blog post, of your website I really read.
    However , I love this particular 1, “About This Organization St.
    Louis Area Iraq War Veterans” the most. Thank you -Beth

  29. Iraq war veterans come try MMA for PTSD. Special military discounts. Taught by IRAQ WAR USMC veteran and 9x UFC VET LUIGI FIORAVANTI in downtown St. Louis . Call 314-308-4991

  30. I am the mother of an army veteran who served two tours in Iraq and recently discharged in September of 2012. Like the other blog I tried the yahoo email site and was bounced back. My son has PTSD with a hair trigger temper and gets verbally abusive when he is stressed or angry. I want to be a help to him but don’t know where to start. He won’t go to the VA because he believes that revealing his PTSD diagnosis will somehow jeopardize his benefits. He is working, thank God, and is planning on starting school this fall. I am reaching out for help because it breaks my heart to see him suffer so much.

  31. Looking for a support group in the local area. I have completed 2 tours of Iraq and 1 Tour of Afghanistan, divorced about 9 months ago.

  32. Is this group still active?

  33. Please contact me 314 755 6192 thank you.

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