The War Within: Tim Bowman’s Story

By Vanessa Van Hyfte

FORRESTON, Illinois — It’s what some mental health experts are calling a crisis. A new generation of veterans scarred in ways unseen. Post traumatic stress disorder has affected lives following every war in history. In previous wars, it was coined “soldiers heart,” “shell shock,” “nostalgia.”

It wasn’t until after the Vietnam war that the condition was defined.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychiatric disorder that 30 percent of all troops experience according the U.S. Veteran’s Affairs office.

One local family knows all too well the damage PTSD can cause. Spc. Tim Bowman, 23, spent a year in Baghdad with the 106th Calvary in Dixon, Illinois. He survived the war, but lost the battle within.

“Somewhere in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day he shot himself. He was still alive when I found him, we all heard the gasp,” said his father, Mike Bowman.

Back home in Forreston, Illinois for just eight months, Tim shot himself with a handgun, in the office where he and his father worked as electricians.

Read the rest at WQAD.COM

Tim also has website created in his honor HERE.


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